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English Language

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Learning Experience

We believe that every learner is unique and their curiosity in language must be cultivated.

At Essential English, our lessons are curated with one goal in mind - to enable all learners to master the language through a journey of wonderful experience. We are an authorised Cambridge English Preparation Centre where you can take part in Cambridge English lessons. Our programmes are based on the Cambridge English Framework of Reference (CEFR) so that students are guided using quality resources, have regular milestones to achieve, while having the option to be certified at the same time.

Where Can Cambridge English Take You?

Our Learning Design

An Inclusive Classroom Learning Environment

Our teaching and learning approach is strongly based on the foundation of providing an inclusive learning atmosphere. We support the individuality of every student and at the same time encourage students to embrace the diversity in the classroom as it is important to enhance the minds of children. With an inclusive classroom environment, we encourage the abilities and recognise the possibilities of all students so that they can explore their passion and develop their potential. With this goal in mind, our lessons are planned to ensure the success of all students.

We Inspire Learners To Go Further

Language is best learned through experience as language learning is a lifetime journey. With this concept, our students will have much to share, do and say in their lessons. We motivate students to be fluent in English, not just because we want them to excel academically, but because we want them to realise that being proficient in English opens up many doors of opportunity enabling them to embark on exciting journeys. We help our students to achieve this growth mind set through our carefully handpicked resources that enable them to gain extensive knowledge about the world, while improving their English language skills.


Adapting 21st Century Learning Skills

We are aware that students have different interests and excel in other subjects rather than English. Because of this, our lessons are focused beyond language learning. At Essential English, we incorporate 21st century skills by adding STEM elements, hands-on experiments, general knowledge, and other interactive activities that will cultivate the interests of our learners to participate and improve their language skills. Using the Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) model, we are sure that our learners will be motivated and gain the attributes and skills of a 21st century learner - critical and creative thinking, communicative, collaborative and a problem solver.


Embark On A Great Start

Let us guide you to reach your full potential in a conducive learning environment designed with fun interaction and engaged learning.

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